The Return- Mary Oliver
The country of the mockingbird is where I now want to be,
thank you, yes.

The days when the snow-white swans might pass over the dunes
are the days I want to eat now, slowly and carefully
and with gratitude. Thank you.

The hours fresh and tidal are the hours I want to hold
in the palm of my hand, thank you, yes.

Such grace, thank you!

The gate I want to open now is the one that leads into
the flower-bed of my mind, thank you, yes.

Every day the slow, fresh wind, thank you, yes.

The wing, in the dark, that touches me.

Thank you.



Mt. St. Helens: an intimidating reminder to us all, that a (small or even destructive) change isn't the end of anything.


Just a quick scramble, cold wading, slight unbelief, and a bit of negotiating.